Bangladesh vs Pakistan Highlights Football Match

The first article in this series focused on Pakistani football’s modest roots and history and how it managed to break into the nascent. Asian football scene despite having little funding but a consistent stream of excellent players. It was a time when the game’s future held a lot of promise. But the conditions prevented Pakistani footballers from reaching their full potential. The game required significant improvement due to a lack of professionalism, devoted football clubs, league contests, sponsors, and media attention. Football tried to make a splash. But the sports news was dominated by hockey and cricket. Bangladesh vs Pakistan Highlights

Bangladesh vs Pakistan Highlights Football Match

While healthy contests (the Asian Games and Asian Cup) were staged. Asian football was also highly erratic. And the teams that were financially stable. Were typically the ones that were able to travel outside. Iran and East Asia were frequently the only places where the action took place. While South Asia despite having a long history of football was just recently coming to terms. With the gradual advancements being made in Asian football, the remainder of the Middle East was still seen as a football backwater.

the era of peace The 1960s saw a great start for sport in Pakistan as the hockey team captured its first Olympic gold by defeating the Indian juggernaut 1-0 at the Olympics in Rome. Through radio commentary about the accomplishments of Hanif Mohammad, Fazal Mahmood, Javed Burki, and others, cricket was gradually grabbing the public’s attention. The Khan dynasty in squash rose to prominence when Hashim and Roshan Khan destroyed their rivals in the British Open.

Football strove to demonstrate consistency at the national and international levels as it moved through the streets of Quetta, Karachi, and Dacca. When Karachi and Dacca won five straight national championships between 1960

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