Funniest Moments in cricket Ever 2022

I’ll start with radio commentators because, in the 1960s, television had not yet spoilt us. I’ll provide an example of how we used to listen intently to every word the commentators said so that the young people of today who might wonder how anyone could ever listen to dull radio commentary would understand. Instead of mudding the unnecessary TV commentary like we do today, listeners used to feel very much a part of the proceedings back then. Wittiness and banter more than made up for what we missed in terms of graphics. Funniest Moments cricket Ever

Funniest Moments in cricket Ever 2022

One of the most underappreciated radio pundits was Alan McGilvray. during a late 1970s Indian tour of Australia. The lone known batter left was batting for India’s frail tail. He knocks the ball comfortably for two on the final ball of the over, but they turn back for the third run in order to face the next over and avoid exposing the tail-ender. Alan Mcgilvray characterised it as follows.

The duo of John Arlott and Brian Johnston would keep listeners thoroughly entertained. Due to the fact that they had never played at the same level as Freddie Truman, the expert commentator, they were constantly being attacked by Truman. When the chance came along, Johnston and Arlott had had enough. A dog walked into the field.

Len Hutton once faced Australia in a Test match in England while batting. Lindwall was difficult to handle with the new ball. Hutton, however, made a couple well-timed boundaries. Hutton was struck on the toe with a superb in-swinging yorker bowled by a charged-up Lindwall. Hutton’s good buddy the umpire approached him and asked how his foot was doing.

On the field, there are a lot more incidents. One episode, though, jumps out because it demonstrates a player’s extraordinary talent. In an underwhelming period, Virender Sehwag was playing for Leicestershire. At the other end, he was batting alongside Jeremy Snapes, I believe. Snapes endured a terrifying ordeal at the hands of a Pakistani bowler who was skilled in reverse swinging.

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