Funny Moments in Squash Ever 2022

Funny Moments in Squash Ever 2022

funny moments in squash.The defending champion, world No. 1 Nouran Gohar, extended her winning streak at the CIB PSA World Tour Finals to nine games after defeating 2020 champion Hania El Hammamy in the semifinals.

The two were facing off for the 12th time on the PSA World Tour; Gohar held an 8-3 advantage, but the World No. 3 had prevailed in their most recent encounter, the El Gouna International final earlier this month.

Both players knew the reward was on the line for the victor, and due to a number of decisions made around the end of the first round, the game was quite tense. El Hammamy received a stroke after Gohar smacked her with the ball as she attempted a cross-court shot, bringing the score to 11-9.

El Hammamy entered the second game battling after undergoing physiotherapy for some blood on her right hand. They remained neck-and-neck throughout, going into a tie-break, where “the Terminator” hit a signature backhand kill to end the match. In the tomorrow’s final, she will now either compete against Nour El Sherbini or Amanda Sobhy.

“To avoid getting sidetracked by the calls and the action on the court. I genuinely thought I was playing well, but sometimes it’s not just about squash; you also have to deal with the environment, Gohar added.

“Whether it was on the court or off, I am satisfied with the way I handled it mentally. Even though I gave it my all today, I am pleased with how I handled the situation in the end to prevail.

Funny Moments In Squash

We both occupy the same space, unlike in tennis where each player has their own area of the court. Undoubtedly, Gohar’s contact with El Hammamy with the ball wasn’t deliberate; instead, he was merely attempting to hit a cross-court. Although it wasn’t always a good thing, it was inadvertent for sure.

“Amanda Sobhy and Nour El Sherbini are both really tough. The novelty of this competition is that, if you win your respective semi-final matches, you can play a player in the pools and then face them in the final. It would be amusing to play Amanda once more. Whether Amanda or Nour is the cause.

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