Funny Political Speeches

Funny political speeches

Funny political speeches.Politics, according to Winston Churchill, “is not a game, but a serious business.” Churchill was obviously neglecting the critical function that humour serves in humanising politicians when he made that statement. Roy Kermit, widely recognised as the funniest political speech writer in Canada, is the man that Ottawa’s leading politicians turn to when they need to zing their speeches with top-notch one-liners and jaw-dropping puns.

Abraham Lincoln was one of our least popular presidents on the surface. His limbs flailed when he spoke, and his voice was “shrill and piercing,” not musical, with a lengthy body and large ears. According to a friend, “his hideous face’s grotesque expression aroused as much laughter as the stories’ abstract humour.” Lincoln was unmistakably unpresidential by today’s TV-ready standards in his speech, demeanour, unrestrained facial movements, and “shrill” voice. However, he made up for his lack of physical attraction with words—an eleven-year-old girl was the one who initially suggested he grow a beard. Theodore Roosevelt was humorous.Lincoln spoke on the House floor in 1848 as a young Illinois representative in favour of Zachary Taylor, a Whig candidate for president. He used an odd anecdote to make fun of his Democratic rivals for not uniting behind a single candidate.

Funny political speeches

Ralph Waldo Emerson observed that once Lincoln had completed speaking, “He looks up at you with a great satisfaction, reveals all his white teeth, and laughs.”

The drunken hog-stealing story is one of many entertaining anecdotes that Lincoln amassed and kept on hand for when he needed to make a point. He confessed, “I remember a good story when I hear it, but I never came up with anything original. I only work as a retail dealer. We should perhaps take the comment as something of a dissemblance. It is difficult to imagine who else could have originated this snide remark in a letter to Gen. George B. McClellan, his eventual opponent in the 1864 election.

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