Indonesia vs Curacao Football Highlights 24 sep 2022

When the Blue Family plays the red and white in two friendly games later this month, head coach Remko Bicentini will have the option of selecting the Birmingham City midfielder. Indonesia vs Curacao Football
In the upcoming FIFA international period, Curacao will play Indonesia twice, on Friday, September 24, and Monday, September 27.
Bacuna, who has 15 total caps for his nation, was recently called up as a result of his strong start to the 2022–23 Sky Bet Championship season.

Indonesia vs Curacao Football Highlights 24 sep 2022

The Curacao Football Federation (FFK) is willing to receive the vaccination twice prior to playing the Indonesian National Team, according to Chairman PSSI.

Indonesia vs Curacao Football Highlights 24 sep 2022
Indonesia vs Curacao Football Highlights 24 

The trial game between Curacao and the Indonesian national team will therefore definitely go place. PSSI keeps in touch with numerous parties as it continues to arrange and get ready for this match.

On September 24 and 27, the Indonesian national team will play Curacao twice as part of the FIFA Matchday 2022 schedule. They are planned to take a flight on September 20 and land in Indonesia on September 21.

The players from Curacao have got the second or full dose of the vaccine, according to PSSI’s correspondence with FFK. This fulfils the qualifications for the 84th-ranked FIFA team to enter Indonesia.

“We speak about vaccines there [negaranya] with them [Curacao].” The federation over there and us have exchanged information about it. They might all receive vaccinations, Iriawan remarked on Monday (29/8).

“Two [doses] is sufficient. They are willing to come here since they are aware of the rules. There is sufficient [dua dosis]. We will speak with the health minister if they like,” he said.

The Indonesian national team will begin a training camp on September 19 in preparation for this exhibition game. After Shin Tae Yong had finished escorting the U-19 national team, this was completed.

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