Irfan Pathan Insane Swing Bowling at Best India vs Pakistan

The two Test matches that came before them in Lahore and Faisalabad had been snooze-fests. With runs scored by the gallon and nothing but arduous labour on the bowlers’ parts. Pathan had faced criticism after it was noted that. His action may not have been as seamless and reproducible as it formerly had been. A little severe, given that the combined total between batters and bowlers in the two prior games was 2,791 runs for 36 wickets .Irfan Pathan Swing Bowling

Irfan Pathan Insane Swing Bowling at Best India vs Pakistan

Rahul Dravid, who had won the toss and saw a trace of dampness in the pitch—a rarity on this tour that had to be fully exploited—handed Pathan the new ball once more despite his problems.

The match’s opening three deliveries offered no indication of what was to come. Pathan looked for a suitable line as Salman Butt poked the first away and then left the following two.

Then it took place. A decent length ball that started on middle and moved away before catching Butt’s edge was the ideal outswinger from a lefty to a lefty; Dravid took a low catch at slip.

The following one, which was the best of the bunch, left Younis Khan appearing like a bewildered, husk-like man. The ball swung in too late as he advanced to drive through the off side, crashing into his front pad. The umpire did the rest.

Mohammad Yousuf walked slowly to the crease because he knew he had momentum to stop. The infield was jam-packed, as it is with all hattrick balls, with five players in the cordon and just one fielder out of the picture. Yousuf identified his guard, examined it, and then moved aside to scan a cramped area.

Irfan Pathan became the second Indian to take a hat-trick in Test cricket on January 29, 2006.

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