Kyrgyzstan vs FUR Football Highlights 24 sep 2022

Russia enters this match as the clear favourite. Will they live up to that reputation, or do the hosts have something special planned? Learn more with our preview of the Kyrgyz Republic vs. Russia match. Kyrgyzstan vs FUR Football.  Which includes free advice, prognostications, and odds discussed along the road. Russia will take the lead in both HT and FT

Kyrgyzstan vs FUR Football Highlights 24 sep 2022

Let’s go right to the point: You shouldn’t read too much into the match’s form guide because, quite simply, the opposition Kyrgyzstan will play won’t be on the same level as the games Russia is used to. However, even with that in mind, Kyrgyzstan has only won two of its past six games and has lost four of its last ten. Russia, on the other hand, has won five of its last six games and has only lost three of its last 10, including two at the Euro 2020 championships. All things considered, it would be a great shock if Russia didn’t dominate this match. As a result, we expect them to be in the lead at HT and FT.

Kyrgyzstan vs FUR Football Highlights 24 sep 2022
Kyrgyzstan vs FUR Football Highlights 24 sep 

Our next prediction for this game is a little clearer because we are supporting above 2.5 goals. With an average of 3.1 goals per game over their last 10 games, Kyrgyzstan has above that 2.5 cutoff in six of those games. Currently, only two of Russia’s last three games have had a score greater than 2.5, while the country’s overall game average over the previous ten matches has remained at 2.4. We are pretty confident of getting over 2.5 goals, especially given how strong the opposition is.

Kyrgyzstan knows they’re up against it going into this game, but with a generally positive health report, they’ll be trying to at least make a solid first impression.

Republic of Kyrgyz Erzhan, Kichin, Brauzman, Mischenko, Sagynbaev, Shukurov, Abdurakhmanov, Atabaev, Musabekov, Uulu, and Murzaev are the predicted lineup.

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