Pakistan vs Maldives Highlights Football Match

Maldives 0-0 Pakistan: In a group B match at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Delhi, Pakistan held the tournament favourites Maldives to a 0-0 draw, giving them a “not so good” start to their SAFF Championship campaign. However, Pakistan’s finishing needs serious improvement. They simply do not know how to finish and turn their chances into goals. Hopefully, this new Serbian coach (who just joined) will coach Pakistan for a long time and will help them correct their mistakes and will improve their finishing as well! Pakistan played well. In fact much better than they are used to. Pakistan vs Maldives Highlights

Pakistan vs Maldives Highlights Football Match

You need to improve your football because, according to my observations throughout my nearly 15 years here, Pakistan has the best talent of any country, second only to Brazil in terms of talent. However, they only provide facilities for cricket, which is a little sport.

It was the Maldives’ first appearance in this regional competition. Which was hosted in Kathmandu, Nepal, for the third time.

Maldives was assigned to group B. Alongside Bangladesh and India. and they went to the semifinals as the group’s second-place team with a two-point advantage. With the help of Lirugham Saeed’s lone goal. They drew their opening game against Bangladesh. They tied 2-2 with India in the second game, with goals from Ibrahim Rasheed and Mohamed Nizam coming after the Red Snappers had a two-goal lead. Shah Ismail and Mohamed Nizam helped the Maldives defeat Sri Lanka 2-1 in the semifinals, but India defeated them by a score of 2-1 in the championship game.

Pakistan placed last in their group at the 1999 SAFF Cup, and they also were unable to go past the group stage of the final South Asian Games to play full internationals.

In their attempts to qualify for the 2000 Asian Cup, Pakistan was unsuccessful.


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