Pakistan vs South Africa 3rd T20 Match Highlights 2021

Hasan Ali to Markram, FOUR, full from Ali at the stumps, and Markram’s intentions were already apparent from the previous delivery. The slot didn’t even contain that one. This one is, and he drives it across the middle.Pakistan vs South Africa Highlights
Mohammad Nawaz’s six-yard pass to Janneman Malan easily clears the goal line for six. Nawaz slides the ball in on his leg as you quickly kneel down while plenty of bat is on the slog-sweep over square leg.

Janneman Malan sent a six-yard shot to Shaheen Afridi while stepping into the leg-side to clear space. However, he doesn’t just slam his hands against it. Malan performs a solid cover drive, merely stretching it farther to loft the ball over the field because the ball is rather full at the stumps.

Janneman Malan receives a slower ball from Shaheen Afridi that is pitched very full outside off for a four-yard touchdown. Malan patiently awaits the ball before driving past extra cover.

Pakistan vs South Africa 3rd T20 Match Highlights 2021

Haris Rauf to Janneman Malan, 4; Paklistan is frustrated as the edge sways for 4. An off-cutter from Rauf at the back of the length outside off. Malan attempts to cut it off, but he manages to get a thick outside edge past the keeper.
Haris Rauf to Markram: SIX, Markram is really having a great time right now. He noticed the lack of length around off so soon that he transferred the weight before slamming the draw over midwicket.
Hasan Ali to Markram, FOUR; Ali’s over also has a poor outcome. The poorest of the deliveries. Markram only needs to get his bat on a full toss down the leg and accomplishes so. runs off an inside edge without incident. 19 off of the total. Hasan Ali to Markram four.

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