Top 10 Monster of the Vertical Jump in Volleyball

The vertical jump test calculates the difference between the reach height and a jump straight up off both feet. As a result, the outcome is unrelated to a person’s real height and is often seen as how high the feet are raised. See the Vertical Jump fitness test description.

Top 10 Monster of the Vertical Jump in Volleyball

Egor Vasilyevich Kliuka, born in Russia on June 15, 1995 (Russian: ор aсилеви лка), plays volleyball. He plays volleyball for the men’s national team of Russia. At the European Games in Baku in 2015, he took home the bronze medal. At the 2015 Men’s European Volleyball Championship, he participated. He competes for Fakel Novy Urengoy at the club level.Top 10 Monster Jump

The following vertical leap scores were obtained from combine and draught camp fitness testing as well as other trustworthy sources, where the testing was carried out by trained sports science personnel using a procedure that is recognised to be a standardised vertical jump technique. These are the highest scores from each combination that we are aware of, however some years’ results are unknown. There are many more from the NFL testing with jumps over 43, thus these are not the top four best jumps.

Leonel Marshall, a volleyball player, supposedly boasts a 50″ (127 cm) vertical leap when standing still. The Male Cuban National Volleyball Team’s star player is him. You may find him on YouTube and watch some of his amazing jumping moves.

According to Reggie Thompson’s website, his 59-inch vertical leap is the highest in the world (recorded in the Guiness Book of Records as 56″).

Markin Julz Muffly (2013)
Check out his dunks from the dunk contest, brother! You weren’t looking hard enough! He could have easily raised his entire head above the rim without having to duck under the ring.

A troll named Toby (2014)
They should simply pass the ball through the basket.

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