Top Funny Moments in cricket

Cricket is a very competitive sport, but every sport has moments that make you laugh. We now present to you the Top 10 Funniest Moments in Cricket History. Enjoy!. Funny Moments in cricket

A young, pretty, and elegant lady proposed to Zaheer Khan. A young woman with her face painted in the tricolour was spotted in the stands holding a placard with the words. “Love You Zaheer” on it during the match between India and Pakistan on a hot and muggy afternoon. In the Indian team dressing room. Zak was the focus of the entire camera as his teammates teased and laughed at him.

Top Funny Moments in cricket

In a game against Bangladesh, the two supreme batsmen and spinners, respectively, displayed amazing flexibility when racing between the wickets. And thanks to Bangladesh wicket-keeper Khaled Mashud’s error. Two batsmen who first appeared to have been out by our naked eyes. Were later determined to be in when seen from the perspective of the third umpire.

Top Funny Moments in cricket

The incident occurred during a test match between India and New Zealand. The Kiwi batter suddenly developed muscle cramps and fell to the ground shortly after striking the shot. He made a mimicking noise as he did so, which caused the entire crowd in the stadium to erupt in laughter.

When Tillakaratne Dilshan was the Sri Lankan wicket keeper against the Bangladeshis, he celebrated and, as a result of the phenomenon, he lifted the ball high up in the air out of pure joy and ecstasy. Little did he know, however, that the ball he lifted in the air was going to strike him back on his own head. This proved that he had learned the laws of gravity correctly.In a match between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League, Mumbai Indians’ lucky player Wayne Smith avoided four opportunities for potential run outs.

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