Top Funny Moments in Cricket

Top Funny Moments in Cricket

Top Funny Moments. It was an international game, and South African player Neil McKenzie was fielding on the extra cover boundary. I don’t recall the opposition; it might have been Australia or India. The actual game was held in South Africa. The batsman then struck a ball hard towards the extra cover boundary to his left. He started out by racing over the ropes before diving and stopping the ball. He was there in all his glory, face down, pants dropped, with black underwear/shorts on display, but as he was sliding face down, his trousers came off just above or up to his knees. He must now stand up, rapidly throw the ball, and then pull up his pants. never witnessed anything

Chris Gayle funniest moments in cricket history.
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Top Funny Moments

You read that right—Harbhajan and Ambati Rayudu are teammates on the same IPL club, the Mumbai Indians, and they are yelling and cursing one another. Saurabh Tiwary struck a bhajji delivery between long on and mid wicket while the Rising Pune Super Giants were in the batting position. Rayudu dives, the ball strikes his hands, and he immediately hops off to the boundary. Bhajji becomes irritated and lets him know by yelling loudly. There have been plenty bowlers’ yells at fielders over the years for mistakes, dropped catches, and subpar effort. And fielders handle it with composure. Some people offered their hand in an act of regret and recognition of their error. How did Rayudu behave? utterly opposing.

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